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Certificate of Merit


The following statewide MTAC program is available to students of Kato Music Studio.

Certificate of Merit

Certificate of Merit is a popular annual event available to music students of all ages. By participating in the annual Certificate of Merit evaluations, students are given strong encouragement to build their musicianship, knowledge of music theory, ear training, and performance abilities.

It is recommended that students enroll every year during the course of their music study to ensure that they are on track towards building solid musicianship, theoretical comprehension, and musical ability.

Following is a sampling of the Certificate of Merit Piano Syllabus at the Preparatory Level.

I. Technical Requirements for Preparatory Level

Within four minutes, at quarter note = 60, perform the following:

  1. Major & Minor Five-Finger Patterns with Major & Minor Triads in Root Position
    • C Major, c minor
    • G Major, g minor
    • D Major, d minor
    • A Major, a minor
    • E Major, e minor
    • B Major, b minor
    • F Major, f minor
    • B-flat Major, b-flat minor

  2. Major Scales and Primary Triads (I & V)
    In tetrachord or scale form
    I and V chords in root position or with common tone

    • C Major
    • F Major
    • G Major
II. Vocabulary, Signs and Terms for Preparatory Level

Recognize the symbols for the following terms. Students must know what they are and know how they work within the music.

  • piano
  • forte
  • accent
  • slur
  • staccato
  • tie
  • repeat sign
  • fine
  • D.C. al fine
  • fermata
  • rit., ritard., or ritardando
  • a tempo
  • bar line
  • measure
  • treble clef
  • bass clef
  • grand staff
III. Sightreading Requirements for Preparatory Level

The test material will be comparable to the most basic of pieces, and will use only quarter, half, or whole notes with no accidentals.

IV. Repertoire Requirements for Preparatory Level

Number of pieces - two. At least one piece from the CM Piano Syllabus is required for CM evaluations.

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