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Contract Agreement

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Contract Agreement
For the Commission of Original Music

Instructions to client: The fee will be an estimate based on the scope of the project. After sending me detailed project parameters, and I have quoted you the estimate, please print out this contract twice, fill in the agreed-upon amount, sign and date both copies, and bring them to the first meeting with me. After I sign and date the contracts, please keep one copy for your records, and leave the other copy with me. Thank you for choosing Kato Music Studio for your production!


Lisa Michiko Kato (KATO MUSIC STUDIO) will:

  1. Compose, arrange and produce original music, conforming to the CLIENT’S specifications.
  2. Attend one work-in-progress DRAFT meeting with CLIENT before the final stage of production/recording. Any revisions which need to be made must be clearly identified at this meeting.
  3. Produce the final master recording on CD.

The CLIENT will:

    1. Review and approve the work-in-progress before the final recording. Revisions will only be accepted at this time.
    2. Upon receipt of the final master CD, deliver a check for $______ made payable to: Lisa Michiko Kato.
    3. Provide attribution on the productions credits to: Lisa Michiko Kato

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a work-for-hire agreement. KATO MUSIC STUDIO shall retain ALL copyrights, phonorights and publishing rights to the music, (unless other wise indicated). With respect to any and all areas outside CLIENT’s market area, KATO MUSIC STUDIO have the unrestricted right to sell, use, or grant licenses to the music beginning one year from the date of this agreement and continuing forever.

RIGHTS & LICENSING: This agreement grants the CLIENT single-use, non-exclusive rights to the music for use only for this said project. The CLIENT must seek an additional license and pay appropriate fees for any other or future uses of the music.

FEE: My base fee for the services I described above is estimated between $_____ and $_____. That fee estimate is based on _____ minutes of original music at my standard rate for single-use, one-time rights of $_______ per finished minute. This fee includes composing, arranging, producing, recording, mixing and one master tape on the format listed above. Any out-of-pocket expenses incurred on you behalf and additional tape or other material requests will be billed to you in an itemized fashion.

PAYMENT: Payment of the base fee will be made as follows: ONE-THIRD ($________) of the above fee is due upon my starting the work; ONE-THIRD ($________) is due upon approval of the demonstration work-in-progress; ONE-THIRD ($________) upon completion and delivery of your final master tape. If more ( or less) music / audio is produced than initially estimated, the increase (or decrease) in the fee will be reflected in your final payment.

INSTRUCTIONS: Please print out two copies of this contract, sign both, date it and return one original to KATO MUSIC STUDIO. Keep the other copy of the agreement for your records.

THANK YOU for choosing KATO MUSIC STUDIO for your production!

CLIENT LIABILITY:Client agrees to indemnify and exclude KATO MUSIC STUDIO free and harmless from any law suits and demands, (including attorney's fees), arising from services and materials provided for related projects.

COPYRIGHTS:Copyright laws prohibit duplication of copyrighted material without permission. KATO MUSIC STUDIO will not transfer or duplicate customer supplied material without express written permission by the copyright holder KATO MUSIC STUDIO also reserves the right to use for demonstration purposes any client production for promotion of KATO MUSIC STUDIO or its related vendor.