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In-Home Lessons

I have found that unless there is some overwhelming reason (such as the student is wheelchair-bound or otherwise differently-abled) it helps the students to go to the teacher's house or studio for lessons.

By entering a space that is designated specifically for the teaching of music (one that is not their own "turf") students are much more able to concentrate on musical learning. A different level of mental commitment and respect for the practice of learning occurs when the student goes to a studio just to learn...Not to mention the wealth of resources available in a music studio!

I have a large library of piano teaching literature, materials, and music equipment at the studio (including a Julius Bauer grand piano and a fully weighted, 88-key Roland XV-88 synthesizer) which I make available to my students as needed.

Lastly, since all travelling time away from my studio is essentially teaching time that I have lost, I have to charge for my time at the full rate starting from when I step out the door of my studio to when I return.

If, despite the caveats above, you feel that your case is exceptional, and you are interested in negotiating in-home lessons, contact me here to discuss your needs. --> [Contact the Studio]


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