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Piano Student with Guild Certificate
"I've had various teachers over the years...I've never learned as much in as short a time as I have with you."
-- Jennifer Bortz
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"It's very difficult to find a piano teacher who teaches both standard classical repertoire and jazz. That's why we were interested in you."

"Jacob has made huge progress in a very short amount of time. . ."
-- Jordan Clay

"What I like about your method is that you provide the girls with specific assignments that are very clear. Whereas the other teacher had them working on things from all over the place, you give four assignments that they can focus on during the week. They put down their tally marks when they are practicing and are keeping track of their own work."

. . . my older daughter says she feels like now she is learning real piano."
-- Eunice Choi

"Now that we've finally found a good teacher, we're not going to waste any time with group lessons. As soon as the younger kids are old enough, I want them to immediately start lessons with you."
-- Daisy Hom

"Thank you for helping our son."
-- Rolando and Cely Arcibal

"You're the best teacher. We love you!"
-- Jennifer and Emma Bortz

"I've never seen the boys so attentive as they are with you."
-- Wendy Block

"I can hear the difference in the kids' piano playing. We used to close the windows when the children were practicing. Now we open them...Even the neighbors have noticed the improvement."

"I know that you care very much for your students."
-- Saunthy Im

"You are so patient! My husband said after sitting in on that one piano lesson, "She's worth every penny!"
-- Lisa Valadez

"I want to grow up to be an artist and musician, just like you!"
-- Zoe Irish (nine years old)

"For the first time, my daughter loves piano. I attribute that change to you... to your teaching."
-- Heideh Alexander, mother of transfer student

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Piano Teacher Lisa Kato currently serves as Branch Honors Recital Chairperson for the Long Beach Branch of the Music Teachers Association of California. Ms. Kato is a member of the the Long Beach Branch of the Music Teachers Association of California (MTACLB), National Guild of Piano Teachers (NGPT), and the International Association for Jazz Education (IAJE).

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