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Long Beach, California
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Individual Referances and Introductory Lessons
Due to my current student load and the number of inquiries I receive daily, there are no "free" first lessons. Please feel free to call or e-mail the studio, as I will be happy to discuss your individual needs and and/or to arrange an introductory lesson. Keep in mind that while referrals from adult students and parents of students are cheerfully provided, these must be reserved for serious inquiries only.

Member, Long Beach Branch of the Music Teachers Association of California The Music Teachers' Association of California, incorporated in 1897, is a professional organization of approximately 4,200 members. Throughout its 100 year history, MTAC has dedicated its efforts towards the pursuit of excellence in music education.

Students of MTAC members may participate in a host of educational and enriching music activities such as Certificate of Merit, Southern California Junior Bach Festival, Music Teachers Association Branch Recitals, Composers Today State Competition, Improvisation Celebrations. High achievement students may be invited to perform at the Annual Music Teacher's Association State Convention. www.MTACLB.org

American College of Musicians

Active Member, American College of Musicians, National Guild of Piano Teachers - Students of Lisa M. Kato participate in Annual National Piano Guild Auditions. www.PianoGuild.com

Association for Jazz Education

Active Member, International Association for Jazz Education (IAJE) IAJE is one of the best resources available for jazz professional and students of all levels. The annual IAJE Conference draws 10,000 jazz educators, students, jazz artists, jazz fans, and music industry professionals from all over the world. www.iaje.org

The Piano Program
Fitchett Guitar School

Music Theory, Improvisation, Classical, Jazz and "Popular" Piano
1710 Pacific Coast Highway,
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Cecilia Coleman
Jazz Piano and Improvisation

Dr. Julian Musafia
Classical Piano

Sullivan Music Studio
Classical Piano
Dr. Mark Hallum Sullivan
(714) 893-4990

Mr. Jeffrey Alan Jones
Jazz Piano, Composition, Audio Production

Musicians For Hire List
c/o Music Department,
California State University at Long Beach

1250 Bellflower Blvd.,
Long Beach, CA 90840
Contact: Music Office, (562) 985-4782

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