Student / Parent Piano Practice Contracts
Kato Music Studio

Parents: To give your student / parent contract relevance, you may want to spell out specific rewards and incentives for your child's diligence and succcess in meeting his/her contract. (However, please remember that even diligence does not automatically mean the student will immediately begin to "sound good"!) When writing out the contract, it may be useful to consult the following tips from other parents who have found success in supporting their child's practice regimen at home.

Tips: Support for Practicing at Home
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For the month of                                 ,

I,                                                                 , pledge

to practice my piano assignments          

a minimum of           minutes a day,

at least           days a week.

I pledge to keep a record of my piano practice

every day in my weekly practice journal,

and that I will bring my

completed piano practice journal

with the verification and signature of my parent(s)

to piano lessons every week.

(Signature of Student)

(Signature of Parent)