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Piano Recitals and Workshops

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Piano Recitals and Workshops

Piano recitals and workshops in front of a warm and receptive audience of other students and their families provide a non-threatening opportunity for piano students of all ages and ability levels to perform. Kato Music Studio holds quarterly recitals (in both Redondo Beach and Long Beach locations) in order to help students of all ages and ambitions to set goals and maintain healthy practicing habits.

These musical events are wonderful opportunities which keep even the most timid students on track towards their musical goals. All students are given thorough instruction on memorization of piano pieces, practice routines at home, recital dress, behavior and performance practices before giving their first "public" performance.

Kato Music Studio Summer Piano Recital
July 27, 2003

Back Row, from left-to-right: Nauziela Alexander (age 16), Azar Alexander (12), Divya Kernik (10), Mrs. Carol Latta (adult student), Mrs. Jane Kato (adult student), Ms. Lisa Kato; Middle Row: Alicia Alvarez (7), Shya Dadashzadeh (8), Nathan Kernik (8), Zoe Irish (9), Eric Banawis (10); Front Row: Emma Bortz (7), Josie Pearce (5), Aaron Block (8), Rex-David Arcibal (8), Dean Banawis (5), Isaac Siyluy (8).

Click here to see the Summer Recital Program / Newsletter.

Theme Recital:
Great Eras of Music History
February 23, 2003

The "theme" of this recital introduced students to the four main periods of music history. In lessons leading up to the recital, students made flashcards for the four historical eras. All students beyond the most elementary level had to fill out a repertoire submission form in which they had to designate "Baroque", "Classical", "Romantic" or "Contemporary" for each of the pieces they planned to play.

Recital in the home of piano teacher Lisa Kato
Back Row, from left-to-right: Mrs. Carol Latta (adult student), Mrs. Jennifer Bortz (adult student), Azar Alexander (age 11), Divya Kernik (10), Candice Heslington (13), Mrs. Jane Kato (adult student); Middle Row: Andrew Gingras (6), Isaac Siyluy (7), Shya Dadashzadeh (7); Front Row: Alicia Alvarez (7), Chloe Lew (6), Emma Bortz (6), Josie Pearce (5).

Student Piano Performance Workshop
November 23, 2002

The Kato Jazz Quintet played at the close of this recital in order to introduce kids to the sound of live jazz improvisation. It was quite a trick to fit all the students, their families, and a jazz quintet into the studio!!

Programs Available to Kato Music Studio Piano Students:
  • Adult Seminar
  • Certificate of Merit
  • National Piano Guild
  • Sonata / Sonatina Competition
  • Southern California Junior Bach Festival
  • Southwestern Youth Music Festival Competition

For details on programs, print out the Student Activities Factsheets.

Student Activities Factsheets

Students, parents, and prospective students can view and compare the many musical activities that are available for music students of all ages and levels. Extremely helpful for parents trying to figure out the "right" activities for their kids (or themselves)!

You'll need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in to view and print the Student Activities Factsheets. If you don't have the Adobe Acrobat plug-in installed, you can download it for free. Just click on the Adobe Acrobat logo to get started.

Click here to view a chart (in Acrobat PDF format)of additional musical activities for children and young adults.

FACTSHEET: Additional Musical Activities for Children and Young Adults

Click here to view a chart (in Acrobat PDF format) of additional musical activities for children and young adults.

FACTSHEET: Additional Musical Activities for Adults